A man who appeared to be part of Antifa Democrat protests this weekend in Portland, Oregon, verbally attacked a woman who told him that her husband died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Video of their encounter shows the man telling her that her husband should “f—ing rot in the grave.”

The man yelled at the woman for simply standing in front of him at a crosswalk, telling her, “Why are you trying to block me? I’m f—ing trying to walk here.”

“Because I obey traffic signals,” the woman replied.

“I’m not, I’m not going to punch you, I’m not like your husband, I’m not going to punch you,” he said.

“I’m not married,” the woman told him.

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“I’m not like your boyfriend or your cop boyfriend who is going to f—ing knock you out, so don’t worry,” the man mocked.

At this the woman turned around to face him, and said, pointing to her “NYPD” hat, “My husband died in 9/11.”

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“Good for him,” the man told her. “Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of f—ing sodomizers, f—ing sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

He continued his cruel attack, saying, “So yeah, your husband should probably f—ing rot in the grave.” –Western Journal

Watch the video that was taken by @FarleyFilms


The video above is the one that’s gone viral. The video below, however, shows what happens when the coward who attacked the 9-11 widow was confronted by “Tiny”, one of the Proud Boy leaders who confronted him and his comments toward the widow he calls “mama”. If you ever wondered how fast Antifa Democrat thugs run when confronted for their vile behavior, watch this:


Watch Proud Boys leader, “Tiny” explaining how, unlike the Antifa Democrats, they aren’t interested in engaging in violence with citizens simply because they share opposing political views. He explains how they are simply there to defend the elderly, women and children who cannot defend themselves against the violent Antifa Democrat mobs. Tiny, a reformed Democrat, has given several powerful speeches at a variety of patriotic events.


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