Scumbag billionaire and financier of radical, far-left activism, George Soros is attempting to sway Republican lawmakers in vulnerable districts to support the bogus impeachment of President Trump, as a way to undo the will of 63 million American voters.

WND reports – A multi-million-dollar ad blitz that features military veterans urging vulnerable Republicans in swing districts to support the impeachment inquiry into President Trump is funded by a progressive “dark money” group backed by billionaire left-wing activist George Soros.

The ads were scheduled to air this week on “Fox and Friends,” a favorite show of the president, in the Washington, D.C., market and in 13 Republican-held congressional districts, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.


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The military veterans in the ads urge Republican representatives to “put country over politics” by holding Trump accountable for “abusing his office and risking national security for his own gain.”

“Dark money” refers to political spending by non-profits that are not required to disclose their donors.

Two years ago, we wrote about 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros

Some of the names on this list are shocking…abortion groups, open borders, and immigrant groups,  groups that change the way we vote, universal health care, climate change, “Catholic” organizations, and Socialist and Communist groups. Soros actually has a group whose stated goal is to take money from rich Jews and give it to those with less. Considering a video just surfaced yesterday showing George Soros (a Jew) admitting that he helped confiscate property from Jews during WWII, the idea that Soros is funding such a group is not really so stunning.

187 groups funded by George Soros are being used to destroy America. To see the complete list of the 187 groups who are using Trump’s election as an excuse to destroy America, go here.

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