During his Fox News show tonight, Sean Hannity went off on the unequal justice in the Mueller indictment of Paul Manafort and phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Hannity reminded his audience that none of the charges that have been levied against Manafort have anything whatsoever to do with Trump-Russian collusion. He reminded his viewers that the financial issues Mueller’s team was looking at were between the years of 2008-2014.

So in other words, nothing of the Paul Manfort indictment had anything to do with the Trump campaign or Donald Trump. Is this all Mueller has? Because, if it is, it’s pathetic. Another day, another example, after a year of speculation. No evidence of any collusion between President Trump and Russia.

Sean goes on to remind his viewers that the Grand Jury was empaneled in Washington DC, one of the most liberal cities in America, where over 90% of the people there voted for Hillary Clinton.


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Newt Gingrich was a guest on the Sean Hannity show tonight, where he shared his thoughts on the Mueller investigation of Paul Manafort. Gingrich pointed out the same thing that Sean said, there is an “out of control prosecutor, who was supposed to be looking into Russian collusion”. Gingrich went on to explain how the most “grotesque abuse of power” was used by Mueller to threaten and intimidated Paul Manafort.


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