Sean Hannity used to be a powerful force in conservative media. But ever since the 2020 election was stolen, Hannity has traded in his spine to keep his job at Fox News, the formerly conservative network that’s become increasingly liberal since the Murdoch sons took over.

Last night, Hannity used his Fox News show to try to publicly shame and bully Lauren Boebert (R-CO) into supporting RINO Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. The tiny but tough Congresswoman from Colorado was not about to cave to Hannity and ultimately made him look foolish for trying to embarrass her into abandoning her conservative principles to go along with the good ole boys club.

“Kevin McCarthy has over 202-203 votes, and your side has 20 votes. So, if I gotta use your words and your methodology and your math, is it time for you to pack it in and for your side the pack it in, considering he has over 200 votes and you have 20?” Hannity asked Congresswoman Boebert.

Rep. Boebert responded, “I understand the frustration, I promise you—” Hannity interrupted her to clarify that he was not frustrated, pressing her cave on her strong conservative position in favor of electing a RINO.

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As Rep. Boebert attempted to explain, Sean Hannity does what he does best; he interrupted her, “Congresswoman, I’d ask you not to filibuster,” he said.

Boebert explained that her group of conservative House members are fighting for conservative policies and that she doesn’t trust Kevin McCarthy. Hannity interrupted her, saying that he wasn’t there to defend himself.

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Finally, Hannity demanded that Rep. Boebert cave and vote to support McCarthy. Boebert said she would not.

The spineless Fox News host attempted to shame Rep. Lauren Boebert, “I asked you a simple question, Congresswoman. You know—I feel like I’m getting an answer from a liberal!”

Boebert responded, “I’m not going to support Kevin McCarthy, Sean.”

“Even if you only have 30 votes, you will not abide by what you told President Trump,” Hannity said, accusing her of disappointing President Trump, in his final attempt to shame her into going along with his centrist views.

That’s when Boebert shot back, “Look, I love President Trump. You’re not going to turn me on him—You’re not going to pit him against me. I love you. I love President Trump.”

Watch the interview here:

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