Sean Spicer resigned today from his position in President Trump’s administration. He tweeted out after his resignation a very gracious message of thanks:

It was speculated that it was a blow when the Trump administration announced yesterday that Anthony Scaramucci had joined the Trump administration as White House Communications Director.

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NYDN reported: Spicer, who will stay on through August, told the President he vehemently disagreed with his choice for the top communications post, and his distaste was evident when reporters approached him about the appointment.

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ABC News White House Correspondent Johnathan Karl said the former press secretary “slammed the door in my face” when he questioned him on Scaramucci, chalking it up to “strange times.”

The press is using this move as a sign that the Trump administration is collapsing and in chaos:

Chris Wallace speculated about the move with a somewhat negative view of how this will harm communications between Congress and the Trump administration…He’s clueless!

After thanking Sean Spicer, Scaramucci made his first announcement as communications director that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be the new press secretary:

Rush Limbaugh concluded his radio broadcast today by saying he thinks Scaramucci won’t work in this position. After listening to the press conference, Limbaugh said it’s clear that Scaramucci was appointed to make the press understand and “like” President Trump. Not gonna happen!

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