Nothing says “I am thankful for my blessings” quite like beating down a stranger over a toy car, or walking into a candy store topless and destroying merchandise that doesn’t belong to you, only 24-hours after celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. When did we, as a society, decide that it would be a great idea to kick off the season of Christ’s birth with a day called “Black Friday” that would showcase some of the worst cases of worldwide “inhumanity”?

Black Friday madness has officially gripped the nation.

The elbows-out shopping bonanza began on Thursday night as stores across the country opened their doors early to crowds of frantic bargain hunters.

Within hours, there were mass brawls at malls as they fought over discounted televisions and clothes and the chaos is ongoing.
In Hoover, Alabama, the scrum in one mall became so violent that paramedics had to be called to treat the injured.

Walmart staff were filmed holding frothing female shoppers on the ground as they waited for security to arrive to carry them out.
The violence was even more severe in Missouri where a 19-year-old man was shot outside a mall as shoppers rushed to snap up cut-price goods inside. He is in a critical condition.

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On Friday, millions more flocked to shopping centers across the country as yet more deals became available.

At the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there were snaking lines before the sun had even come up. The crowds were organized by barriers before being let inside at 5am.

At a Walmart somewhere else in the country however, five people were seen grappling over the same toy car.
The grown men had to be separated by store staff and one was even talked down by his female companion.
Their efforts were in vain – store staff refused to allow any of them to take the car home.



This year’s frenzy will see Americans spend an astonishing $20billion in stores and online, according to consumer experts.
Experts predict 164 million Americans will spend nearly $1,000 each over the holiday weekend.

Here’s a look at just some of the disgusting behavior and fights that took place last year on Black Friday:

The mayhem began at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day as thousands of bargain hunters rushed inside stores across the US in search of amazing sales, door buster deals and limited-time offers. –Daily Mail

A topless feminist protester appearing in a Ukrainian sweet shop and frenzied bargain-hunters battling for deals in the likes of Brazil and Greece.

Nothing says “feminism” like walking naked into a store and destroying merchandise of an innocent shopkeeper:

Photographs from the Ukrainian capital show a woman from radical feminist group FEMEN throwing confectionery while screaming in protest.

Before being taken away, the woman – who also had the words ‘Black Friday’ painted on her torso – managed to cause a considerable mess in the store. –Daily Mail




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