Washington’s vaccine mandate, issued by Governor Jay Inslee in August, is believed to be among the strictest in the nation and covers more than 800,000 workers. Police officers and firefighters who didn’t comply with the vaccine mandate have been fired. The deadline to be vaccinated or be fired was Monday at midnight. Here’s how the fired Seattle first responders have chosen to move forward:

In the video below, Seattle firefighters and Seattle police officers fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate are out feeding the homeless.

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A Washington State Trooper in Yakima, Wash., signed off after 22 years in a unique way.

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Washington’s Governor Inslee fired him for not getting the COVID jab, so here’s what he said:

“This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car, and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”

Like so many other politicians, Governor Inslee doesn’t think about why people would choose to skip the COVID vaccine. Natural immunity is rarely discussed. Those with natural immunity are protected from COVID at a higher rate than with the vaccine.  A second reason for not getting the vaccine is religion. Many people refuse to get a shot developed using ‘human fetal tissue’ from aborted babies.

What about freedom of choice?


As they stand to be fired on Monday, one Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance crew left some parting words thanks to Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandate.

-11% of state workers are unvaccinated. Though Inslee says otherwise, services have already suffered. Staff shortages have already led to ‘unprecedented’ disruptions in ferry service for Washington State ferries.


Inslee just held a press conference to announce over 90% of state employees have been vaccinated now:

Florida governor DeSantis had the best take on how first responders are being treated now after showing up when there was no vaccine:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit back at Biden to say he is divisive by pushing the COVID mandate on first responders.

They were there before there was a vaccine risking their lives, and now Biden wants to have them lose everything.

“YOU are trying to take people’s jobs away over this issue!”

“We believe people should make their own decisions.”

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