A Refuse Fascism(see below) protester snuck into an event for Iranian-Americans and seemed oblivious that this event was about immigration. Refuse Fascism (see below) is a Soros-connected group that has been pushing for open borders. Watch the videos and you’ll hear the screeching and actually see the woman’s crazed look in the twitter video below.

Watch as the woman is booed out of the event and shouted at with chants of USA, USA, USA! This video was posted on twitter by Refuse Fascism LA Refuse Fascism’s job is to cause chaos and to protest for open borders. George Soros funds this organization (see more information below).

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We looked into the anti-Trump/Pence signs being carried by protesters (PHOTO ABOVE). RefuseFascism.org’s website directs you to Alliance for Global Justice when you try to donate to the cause. The Alliance for Global Justice is connected to George Soros. He is behind much of the attempt to destroy Trump:


Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ). This Tucson, Arizona-based group had largely flown under the radar since its 1998 founding.  Yet in February 2017, AfGJ gained notoriety when the Daily Caller revealed that it had funneled $50,000 to Refuse Fascism, the group that was behind the riotous shutdown of a speech that conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give at the University of California, Berkeley.

AfGJ bills itself as “A little bit people’s think tank, a whole lot of organizing.” Indeed, everyone on AfGJ’s staff has considerable experience in organizing, both at home and abroad. But AfGJ does more than just organize. It helps fund many different left-wing groups through a legal maneuver known as “fiscal sponsorship.” And, as explained below, in a nation that is as polarized and has as many discontented young people as today’s America does, an organization like AfGJ can prove dangerous.


According to its most recent (2015) IRS filing, AfGJ had just under $2.3 million in revenue, $2.1 million in expenses, and $753,909 in assets.

AfGJ’s funding reads like a Who’s Who of radical left-wing foundations. Since 2004, AfGJ has received over $200,000 in funding from the Tides Foundation (Tides has received $3 million from Soros). Indeed, when other left-wing foundations want to give money to radical leftist groups but don’t want to be seen giving it directly, they donate to Tides as a pass-through. From 2004 to 2006, the Open Society Institute (now known as Open Society Foundations) gave $100,000 to AfGJ. The Open Society Institute was founded by billionaire George Soros, who seems never to have met a leftist cause he didn’t want to fund.

What’s most disturbing about this is that our main stream media would be all over this if it was a conservative organization. Have you ever heard anything about this? The bottom line is that this should be horrifying to all Americans because one man is pushing for a revolution in America to force us into communism. Soros is connected to Obama in a big way too!



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