Trump warned us about the counterfeit business in China and how it’s hurting American businesses. As the US continues to over regulate our businesses here in America, there doesn’t seem to be any slow down in the import of products from unregulated businesses in China. This is not only unfair to American manufacturing, it is unsafe for the American consumer who is forced to buy products from China that America no longer makes.

People in China have been warned to check their tissues carefully after a couple sold 300 tonnes worth of ‘branded’ paper products made from used toilet rolls.

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The husband and wife, known as Mr Li and Ms Jie, owned an illegal paper processing plant in Pei County, eastern China, reported People’s Daily Online.

Over the two years that they were in business, the manufacturer made 2 million Yuan (£200,000).

The operation was extremely secretive and neighbours said that the front door to the 4,305 square foot farm house was always shut. In addition, the workers only came in during the night.

One local resident commented: ‘The loading and unloading also only happens at night.’

Inside the processing factory, the full scope of the unlawful process was revealed.

The raw material used to make the branded tissues was found to be napkins from restaurants, used paper from the bin and even dirty toilet paper from recycling factories.

The disgusting paper was piled up inside the building, where they emanated a putrid smell after becoming mouldy.

Instead of the usual sanitisation treatment for facial tissues, the mouldy paper was bleached repeatedly and did not go through a high-temperature sterilisation.

Suspicions were raised about the factory after a tissue company reported that they were finding numerous counterfeit products in the area.

An agent was hired to investigate the counterfeiting problem and spotted the van outside the factory accidentally while the couple was loading it with fake tissues.

He immediately notified the police and an investigation was launched in May this year.

There, they used old napkins, papers and even toilet rolls to create tissues which they sold as branded products.

The pair were caught red handed as they were unloading the used tissue paper and putting the packaged tissues back in their truck.

Although Mr Li and Ms Jie had a manufacturing license, they used this as a shield and worked with several accomplices, including a wholesale middleman in another town.

The counterfeit tissues have been found to contain heavy metal, bacteria and toxic substances would can cause diseases like typhoid or even death.

Experts have warned consumers to pay close attention to the colour, texture and pattern of tissues in future.

Via: UK Daily Mail


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