There used to be an idea in the United States that we hold people accountable for their actions, especially when it pertained to those we voted into positions of power.

A long time ago, the standards slowly eroded until they were no more.

The Secret Service has announced that they are closing their investigation into the cocaine that was discovered in the White House.

They cited a “lack of evidence” for abandoning the investigation only 11 days since it started.

The decision has sparked outrage from those sick of the double standard that clearly exists in favor of democrats.


Add this one to the long list of coverups under the Biden Administration.

Daily Mail reported on the decision to close the investigation:

The Secret Service is closing the investigation into the White House cocaine discovery because of a ‘lack of evidence’ in a stunning move just 11 days after the drugs were abandoned in a West Wing locker.

Furious Republicans have called the shuttering of the probe ‘ridiculous’ and accused the Biden administration of a ‘cover-up,’ with agents unable to find a suspect despite poring over surveillance footage for more than a week.

GOP Rep. Tim Burchett said agents ‘just decided it’s just some weekend visitor’ and chalked up the entire investigation as ‘another coverup’ by the Biden White House.

‘It’s bogus’ the Tennessee congressman added. ‘That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’

His comments came after the Secret Service briefed members of Congress, 11 days after the cocaine discovery forced evacuation and a hazmat situation at the White House.

The list of suspects was narrowed down to 500. Democrats said drug testing all of the potential culprits would violate their ‘civil liberties’ and insisted the cocaine was found in an area used by guests, not members of the Biden family or those with security clearances.

Somehow there was no surveillance video footage and no DNA evidence found in what should be the most secure location in the country…

The New York Post has more on the outrage from republicans:

“Every time there’s something strange going on with President Biden or his family, or anything regarding his administration or the White House, no one can ever seem to find an answer,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) also told reporters. “This is one of the most secure locations in the world, some of the best law enforcement officers in the world — and they don’t have any answers.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed, telling Fox News the probe was a “farce.”

“You can’t tell me in the White House, with 24/7 surveillance in a cubby hole by a Situation Room that they don’t know who delivered it there,” he said. “We should get an answer to the question. It just seems to me that in America today anything involving Biden Inc. gets treated differently than anything else and that shouldn’t be the case.”

Boebert said she found the status of the investigation “disturbing” because she was one of several lawmakers “who were recently sent a white powdery substance in the mail.”

“There are no security measures in place at the White House to detect a substance, whether it be a Schedule II substance like cocaine that was recently found, marijuana, or even something more potentially dangerous like anthrax,” she said.

“In 2022, twice while going through screening, people were caught with marijuana in their possession,” Boebert added. “So for this being the third time that drugs were found on the White House property during the Biden administration certainly poses a question: What kind of people are we allowing to go onto that premise? And what is their actual purpose there?”

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