The Secret Service had a very special relationship with President H. W. Bush that continued after his presidency was over. He was known to do special things for the Secret Service agents while no one was looking.

One of the most remembered occasions had to be when an agent’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia and the president shaved his head along with the other agents.

The Secret Service tweeted out a photo with a comment about what “Timberwolf” (his Secret Service code name) did:

Everyone’s #TuesdayThoughts are on President Bush & we wanted to share a memory.

In ’13, Timberwolf learned that the 2-year-old son of an agent on his detail was diagnosed with leukemia & the detail was going to shave their heads. You can see what happened, in classic 41 manner.

This is Patrick with President H. W. Bush in 2016:

Fox News reported on this wonderful gesture:

President Bush lost a daughter to leukemia so this is especially touching.

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