Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just shut down the obnoxious press. He responded to rumors of tension with President Donald Trump and reports that the White House is planning to push him out of his position, telling reporters that they need to “get some new sources.” BOOM!

Tillerson’s no nonsense style hit this reporter right between the eyes:

Tillerson’s comments came during a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, where Associated Press reporter Josh Lederman asked the nation’s top diplomat why he has not quit amid multiple reports, citing Trump administration officials, that the White House has developed a plan to oust Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who in turn would be replaced by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.).

“On several occasions, the president has publicly undermined your diplomatic efforts,” Lederman said. “In recent days, White House officials have said that you are going to be pushed out. And these are not media inventions; these are coming from the White House.”

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“Many Americans see these efforts as humiliating to you,” Lederman continued. “You have had an illustrious career. Why do you put up with it? Why don’t you quit?”

The press keeps pushing but they’re not getting answers from Tillerson who had been rumored to be leaving the Trump administration in January. The problem with this reporter asking is not what he asked but how he asked it. Rude!

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