Oops! What Nancy Pelosi did to dozens of brainwashed college kids won’t fly with the far-left Green New Deal folks. She locked the climate protesters out of her office.

After they were blocked from going to Pelosi’s office, The Green New Deal protesters and the Sunrise Movement goons posted a video of what happened on YouTube.

The video below is captioned:

“The Bay area Sunrise Movement tried to meet with Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking for her leadership for a public housing Green New Deal that would upgrade and decarbonize 1.2 million federally owned homes while improving health, cutting emissions, and creating thousands of jobs.”

“We asked Pelosi to lead this fight, but she refused.”

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Could this be trouble in paradise for Pelosi? She’s tried to appease the far-left, but they still consider her a “Demopublican.”

“We don’t have a right to a clean future? We’re trying to talk to her on behalf of our generation.” – Green New Deal Protester


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