Florida authorities are searching for an accomplice to a murder at a Florida Airbnb over Easter weekend which was reported to authorities after the Airbnb owner saw a dead body being carried out of her home on a security camera.

On April 13, three men were seen on the security camera of a Florida Airbnb property carrying out 29-year-old Xavier Antonio Johnson who had been shot. This prompted the Airbnb owner to alert the police.

Upon further investigation of the security footage, the police saw the two murder suspects enter the home and, about five minutes later, run out. One of the suspects is seen holding a gun as he quickly exits the property. Then, the three men are seen carrying out Johnson’s body. The victim was driven to a hospital where he died, and the three men fled the scene.


It was also discovered that the rental home was being used for selling trafficking amounts of marijuana since April 8, when the home was rented by the group.

Justin Jenkins, 29, is the primary suspect identified from the security footage and is now in police custody. Jenkins has an extensive criminal record, including 35 felonies and 20 misdemeanors, as well as three separate stays in state prison.

Justin Jenkins, 29, the primary suspect in the murder of Xavier Antonio Johnson

On Monday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced that the three men seen carrying the dead body out of the home have been identified.

The three men who were recorded carrying murder victim Xavier Antonion Johnson out of the Florida Airbnb

Judd also shared that they have arrested Jenkins, the primary murder suspect. However, his accomplice was conveniently wearing a mask (gotta stay safe from Covid when murdering someone), and his identity remains unknown. He has been described as an unknown White or Hispanic male.

Sheriff Judd displaying an image of murder suspect Justin Jenkins

“This case is far from over but what we need is his partner. His partner that helped murder someone,” Judd told reporters. “Justin Jenkins and his partner came all the way from South Daytona to Davenport, Florida, to as they say, ‘hit a lick,’ to rob at gunpoint a dope dealer, a marijuana dealer and in the process, murdered the guy.”

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