A crazed former teacher at a Hialeah, Florida school produced a threatening video that’s 8 minutes long causing heightened security on campus. David Givins posted a YouTube video threatening to “seize” a school building using tanks….tanks? The part in video that’s most disturbing is that he apologizes for NOT killing the kids. He’s a great advertisement for why concealed carry is a GREAT idea!

Miami FOX affiliate WSVN-TV reported: 

In the nearly 8-minute-long YouTube video, Givins is heard calling out teachers and school officials. He also calls upon President Trump to supply him with the tanks so he can retake the North Hialeah school system.

He claims not  one of the Cuban teachers are his equal and that he’s a “superior human being”.

Towards the end of the 8-minute video, Givins says some REALLY twisted things:

“I apologize for not killing people’s children…FBI agents, CIA agents, Department of Justice people’s, Congress…I apologize that I failed you all in not killing people’s children.”

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Even though school officials said they believe there is no imminent risk to students or faculty, an armed guard will be at the school campus.

Givins says in the video that he’s now homeless but worked at the school for 13 years. He was fired in 2014 over “teacher certification issues”.

The FBI and other agencies have been notified.


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