On Sunday, former NFL player Antonio Brown was on the field welcoming fans to the opening game for Albany Empire, the National Arena League team that Brown is the majority owner of. However, it appears that certain members of the security team were not aware of who the superstar wide receiver was and firmly told him to get off the field.

Antonio Brown

In a video shared on social media by Brown, a staff member ordered Brown to “get off the field right now” as he was signing autographs for fans.

“He owns it,” replied the person filming.

“No he doesn’t,” the employee replied, obviously not getting the memo of the recent change in ownership.

Seeming confused and taken aback, Brown obeys the security personnel at first but then stops just before exiting the field and stands up for himself, saying, “Make me then. You get off.”

“This my field, I’m the owner,” Brown said.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” the employee replied, as another woman who worked at the venue also joined in trying to kick Brown off.

The video cut off before showing the situation’s resolution, but Brown posted the video to his Twitter account saying, “Still I maintained a level of professionalism positivity while dealing with this security today ! First Game AS AN Owner #StayEncouraged”


“I’m the owner, 100 percent owner. I don’t take that lightly,” Brown told Times Union on Saturday. “My job as the owner (is) to provide the players and community, the front office, everyone that experience the experience of Albany, and I’m excited about that role.”

Despite Brown’s claims of “100 percent” ownership, he is actually a co-owner with Mike Kwarta, both of whom own 47.5%.

Brown’s father Eddie Brown is joining the Empire team as well as the Vice President.

Eddie, who is considered one of the best players in the history of Arena Football, is thrilled to join the organization in a leadership role.

“Everything right now is surreal, I’m home,” said Eddie. “Life is great! We’re excited to get started and do things the Empire way. Let’s get three.”

“I remember being here as a kid watching my dad play in this building, all the little kids with face paint cheering,” reminisced Brown. “So this is great for me to be here with my kids and my dad and give back to this community.”

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