Last night, the Minneapolis City Council announced its intent to defund the police department.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would be taking funds from the NYPD and placing it in social programs.

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Ms. Bender, a member of the Minneapolis City Council appeared on CNN today to discuss their decision to defund the police. The white city council member told CNN’s Allison Camerota that it’s better for police to not respond to a call for help from a black person because they may end up being harmed even more. Bender also said that white people calling for help from the police department comes from a place of privilege.

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A self-described “redneck” who also happens to be a Woody Harrelson look-alike won the internet with his warning to “Defund the Police” dummies. (***Language warning***)

Yeah, so a lot of you dipshit, damn pantywaist, sons of bitches wanna damn defund the damn police department.

Well, I tell you what—We can do better than that. Let’s just do away with them all together. Let’s do a one-month damn trial period, and let’s let you deal with a bunch of redneck sons of bitches like me.

Cuz I’m gonna tell you something—people like me and my damn crowd—we don’t own tasers and we don’t own rubber bullets and all that pantywaist bullshit. We just have real f**king guns that have real f**king ammunition

And let’s just do that one month trial period, and let’s just see how quick it takes for you to want that f**king police department to come back into the f**kin’ picture.



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