Joe Biden likes to toot his own horn so it’s no surprise that he has repeatedly made the claim that he’s a “foreign policy expert.” The problem is that he is constantly winging it with populations and geography.

In the videos below, there are plenty of examples of Biden gaffing his way through question and answer sessions with voters. It almost seems like he pulls numbers out of thin air and doesn’t expect anyone to fact check him.

Watch below and then listen to Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue in the last 4 decades

For being a self-proclaimed foreign policy expert, Joe Biden sure gets a lot of facts wrong about foreign policy.

Most recently, claiming Iran has a population of 40 million people when it’s actually over 80 million

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It’s not the first time he has messed up country populations…like when he said one of his plans would put 720 million women back into the workforce despite a US population of only 330 million

Biden also suggested a few weeks ago that Venezuela bordered Bolivia, which is actually 100s of miles away

It’s not just populations and geography…After directly saying, “if I have any expertise, it’s in American foreign policy,” Biden referred to the G7 as the G8

Maybe that’s why he keeps getting the big stuff wrong, like when he has repeatedly claimed that “China’s not a problem”

Or when he opposed the raid on Osama bin Laden

No wonder President Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue in the last 4 decades

This is a great one to pass on to anyone thinking of voting for Biden.


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