Why didn’t Gordon Sondland mention in his opening statement comments from the conversation with President Trump where the president said he wanted “no quid pro quo?”

Here’s the statement where Sondland relays a conversation he had with President Trump:

SONDLAND: What do you want from Ukraine?

TRUMP: I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I just want Zelensky to do the right thing!

Sondland gave a curious answer about why he didn’t include this in his opening statement. He said he was already over 45 minutes in his statement and that it would take him another 30 minutes to add this statement from President Trump. That’s a lie. It would take him just a few minutes to add this quote from the president.

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Is this a case of self-preservation on Sondland’s part? He has 14 hotels across America that have been getting protests from the left because of Sondland’s previous support for Trump. Leftists are targeting Sondland’s businesses because they are “appalled” that Sondland is a Trump supporter. This is typical of the left and their desire to destroy the president and anyone connected to him. The Daily Beast published an article about how Sondland’s hotels are being spammed by the left on Yelp: “Establishments owned by Provenance Hotels are getting spammed with bad reviews as the man who once owned them gets embroiled in impeachment drama.”

There have been calls for boycotts and demonstrations in front of Sondland’s hotels. This is harming Sondland but is also harming thousands of employees at his hotels.


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This guy is all over the place, but one thing he continuously says is that there was no quid pro quo.


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