Animal activists harassed a fisherman in a big way until the cops were called! It all started when a young boy walked up to two men and complained about their treatment of fish. Then the dad got into the act and eventually the entire family began chanting at the men. The activist eventually threw the fish back in the water. The video was posted on youtube with the proud activist’s comments…Our favorite line of insanity: “You’re harassing this fish!”…LOL!

Unfortunately for them, the video only illustrates how illogical and psychologically unstable they appear to be. As they lecture on and on about how fish are just exactly like human children (seriously?) and can process and feel just like a person, the hapless victims of their attack, the two fishermen, to their great credit, continue calmly fishing and they don’t punch them. Clearly from the video, most people would probably have punched them.

Leave it to a twisted liberal to conflate fish with humans…


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