The family of a 4-year-old biological female had a “gender reveal” at this year’s Vancouver Pride Parade. The viral video of this reveal shows the child, Charlie Danger Lloyd, standing next to their grandmother who releases a confetti canon that exploded with blue smoke and confetti, symbolizing Charlie’s new gender identity.

Apparently, Charlie has expressed the feeling of being a boy since age two, telling the family “I’m a boy,” wanting to play with boys, and shopping in the boys’ clothing section.

“He wasn’t your typical little girl. He would play with other boys and the parents would say he was more of a boy than their own children,” said his mom Alaina Bourrel, 27.

“His choices were not questioned and he was congratulated and everyone began using new pronouns,” she added.

So, because a 2-year-old doesn’t conform to typical gender stereotypes, the mother gets to decide her daughter is a boy? Seems like a reasonable conclusion to make at that age.

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After the “gender reveal,” the mother said “Charlie jumped with joy as the crowd cheered him on. He couldn’t believe the love and support he was shown from the bystanders.”

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Of course, a child that’s 4 years old will get excited when everyone is wildly cheering for them. They respond to positive feedback and, if they are doing something that seems to make their parents and surrounding adults proud of them, they are inclined to keep doing it.

The Twitter account ‘Gays Against Groomers’ posted the video of Charlie’s “gender reveal,” saying,

“4 year old has a trans gender reveal at Vancouver Pride. Her mother said she’s always liked playing with boys’ toys and wearing boys’ clothing. Umm ma’am, your daughter is a TOMBOY. And that’s perfectly okay. #SaveTheTomboys”

Libs of TikTok reposted the video, which has been flooded with comments by people sharing their personal stories of raising girls who were tomboys that later grew up being perfectly comfortable being female. Others shared stories of how they grew up only playing with boys and wearing boys’ clothes, and ended up becoming more of a stereotypical “girl” later in life.

One commenter wrote,

“My 32 yr old daughter was a tomboy, loved boy toys, no girly clothes, etc. She did a 180 in 9th grade, she went girlie girl. She recently said to me ‘what if you would have chopped my breasts off, and gave me hormones, I wouldn’t have my family.’ This is so heartbreaking!”

It’s a tragedy that parents are mistaking a toddler’s curiosity and individuality for the need to be transgender. Children are not able to make such a decision at 4 years old – or at 12 for that matter. Rather, it is the parents seeking society’s praise and attention that causes them to lead their children to a conclusion that is not their child’s, but their own.

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