Shoving Islam down our throats one Quran at a time…

The effort to sell Islam to Americans under the guise of Islamophobia is pretty slick of the Muslims. This is called Dawah for anyone who might think it’s innocent outreach. Dawah is the obligation the believers to forbid disbelief and to force that upon the kafir. You might have heard that ISIS is forcing people to convert or die. This is dawah…if you believe this is JUST about outreach, I’ve got some swampland to sell you in Florida…

The Quran Mobile is rolling around Charlotte and Muslims hope it educates people about their faith.

Concerned about the public’s perception of Islam after radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS have dominated the news cycle, Charlotte Muslims with the American Islamic Outreach Center wanted to take action.

“You got everything from book mobiles to bat mobiles so why not a Quran Mobile,” Zahir Shaikh, director of the Quran Mobile said.

The goal is to drive the Quran Mobile around Charlotte during busy hours. They hope to spread the message that Islam is a peaceful religion and the radical terrorists they see on television don’t represent the 15,000 Muslims that live in Charlotte.

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FOX 46 Charlotte
This is an effort to sell Islam to America and to convert us. This is their mission.


The organization promoting this has a website and it’s all about converting you: American Islamic Outreach Foundation

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