“I know you’ll miss me.” Did he really say that?waving O and Mooch

President Barack Obama has returned to his favorite summer vacation spot of choice, the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, a day earlier than originally planned.

It will likely be the family’s last pit-stop at their luxurious rented seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom retreat since it went on the market in July for a cool $22.5million.

chilmakrk home

And it seems the president was eager to savor every moment as he decided at the last minute to fly on Friday afternoon, rather than Saturday as originally planned.

barry with dog

Obama beamed and laughed as he boarded Air Force One with Michelle – still wearing his work suit.

When they disembarked, he emerged looking relaxed without a jacket or tie to greet the crowds.

Obama has visited the island every year of his presidency, except during the 2012 re-election campaign.

As he wrapped up his duties in the White House on Friday and anticipated his getaway he seemed jovial and excited. ‘I know you’ll miss me,’ he joked to reporters after signing a bill preserving wilderness land in Idaho.

With no official appearances on the schedule, Obama, Michelle and their youngest daughter Sasha will spend the time away from Washington dabbling in their usual vacation activities: leisurely rounds of golf, beach outings, hikes and bike rides, and dinner at some of the island’s top restaurants.

The property in Chilmark, on the western part of the island, includes a dual basketball and tennis court.

A cluster of top aides will also enjoy a 17-day stay on the island, known as a summer hangout for the wealthy, to update the president as developments warrant.

Via: UK Daily Mail


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