Mariah Carey really dropped the ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve — with lip syncing that was decidedly out-of-sync.

Carey had been assigned to perform two of her hit songs, “Emotions” and “We Belong Together.”

But the singer appeared unable to hear her own song track, ultimately giving up and standing on the stage with closed mouth and a hand on her hip.

Meanwhile, her vocal track went on without her. –NYP

Twitter users had plenty to say about what was supposed to be a live performance by Mariah Carey that turned into a lip syncing nightmare: 

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Mariah Carey’s Times Square New Years Eve lip sync fail even managed to top Ohio State football team’s disastrous performance yesterday

Although the diva Mariah Carey was visibly shaken as she finally exited the stage, she posted a message on Twitter as though she was taking it all in stride:

UPDATE: On Monday, Mariah Carey’s people blamed ABC’s production crew for her embarrassing performance. They even went so far as to suggest Carey was set up to fail. But Dick Clark Productions says suggesting Carey was sabotaged is “absurd.”

Carey flailed through her set because she apparently couldn’t hear the recorded tracks being piped out to the TV audience. The result: viewers heard singing though Carey wasn’t moving her lips. One behind-the-scene-type offers a reason for the failed lip synching.

The source says while the other stars did a walk-through before the show, Carey didn’t – dispatching a stand-in to do it for her.

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