Do black lives REALLY matter to the Democrats? Leaders of their party can’t even get George Floyd’s name right during their speeches about how he should be “honored” and about how his death is the fault of the Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could have taken the time to get it right, but they really don’t care.

Watch the video below where Chuck Schumer says, “Floyd Taylor, I mean, George Taylor,” during a speech on the Senate floor where he’s talking about George Floyd. Then there is a clip after that of Pelosi calling George Floyd “George Kirby.”

The clip of Pelosi is after the Schumer clip, but there is a better Youtube clip below.

Nancy Pelosi was doing her usual grandstanding and virtue signaling during a press conference this week when she gaffed in a big way.

She called George Floyd “George Kirby” when talking about what to name a police reform bill. If anyone thinks this woman doesn’t live in La La Land, just listen to her speak below.

Note that Pelosi says she’s so proud over and over, but then she calls the man the wrong name:


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