Here’s evidence that the Democrats are in desperation mode since the Mueller report fell flat for them…

CNN’s John Berman spoke with Sen. Dick Durbin who made the false claim that President Donald Trump’s rhetoric makes people feel like they have a “permission slip” to commit terror attacks. Durbin shamefully did his best to paint the president as something he is not. He claimed that President Trump would have reacted differently had the shooting at the Jewish synagogue had been carried out by “someone from the Middle East” or “someone with a green card”:

“Had there been someone from the Middle East involved in this, someone with a green card involved in this, can you imagine the alerts that would have come out from the White House about the threats of terrorism to the United States?” 

Berman surprisingly pushed back on the outrageous comments by Durbin and then Durbin doubled down by saying the rhetoric from the White House caused attacks:

“Of course he did, and he should have. But the point I’m getting to is why do these people feel they have a license to attack synagogues, to attack Sikh temples, to attack churches across the United States. This has really been fomented because of rhetoric we hear from the White House.”

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“Because of rhetoric we hear from the White House”?! The only rhetoric against a religion happens to be coming from anti-Semitic Democrats! Durbin is trying his best to deflect from the latest anti-Semitism from Democrats.

In fact, President Trump condemned the shooter in his speech on Saturday night and had a long conversation with Rabbi Goldstein who was injured in the shooting!

“Tonight, America’s heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting in Poway, California…just happened. said. Our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded, and stands in solidarity with the Jewish community. We forcefully condemn the evil of anti-Semitism and hate, which must be defeated.”

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