Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted his fellow members of Congress over their insistence that millions of “nut job” Republicans, who dare to question the integrity of the November election, “sit down and shut up!”

“I just want to say how important it is that we have this hearing.” Hawley explained that yesterday, he met with about 30 “normal folks,” who are “not crazy,” but instead, are “very reasonable,” who expressed their concerns about the validity of the November election. “Every single one of them—every one of them, told me that they felt they had been disenfranchised, that their votes didn’t matter, that the election had been rigged.”

“And to listen to the mainstream press and quite a few voices in this building, tell them after four years of non-stop Russia hoax—It was a hoax!—It was based on, the whole Russia nonsense, was based on, we now know, lies from a Russian spy!”  Hawley blasted them for their hypocrisy, “After 4 years of that, and being told that that election was fake and that Donald Trump wasn’t really elected.” Senator Hawley blasted the Democrats for telling Missourians and 74 Americans who voted for President Trump are now being told by these same people that “If you have any concerns about elections integrity—you’re a ‘nutcase,’ and you should just shut up!”

Senator Hawley warned the Democrats, “Well, I’ll tell you what, telling 74 million Americans are not going to shut up, and telling them that their views don’t matter and that their concerns don’t matter and they should just be quiet, is not a recipe for success in this country, “adding “It’s not a recipe for unity that I hear the other side is now, so interested in, after years of trying to delegitimize President Donald Trump.”


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