In an interview with Fox News, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy called-out his Democratic counterparts over their refusal to debate the GOP’s police reform bill in Congress. In typical Democratic fashion, lawmakers on the left refuse to debate and negotiate with Republicans, despite the public cry for police reform.

(AP/Andrew Harnik)

Kennedy called for lawful debate on the issue of police reform as his hypocritic, Democratic colleagues on Capitol Hill surrender to the emotions of their rampaged districts. Unfortunately, with many Democratic lawmakers seeking reelection in November, their support of Black Lives Matter and ‘Defunding the Police’ is imperative to votes.

“If you hate cops…the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead,” said Senator Kennedy, according to Hannity.

This isn’t the first time the outspoken Senator has made candid remarks. As previously reported by 100% FED Up, Kennedy recently condemned the lack of authority from global leaders saying, “He said global leaders need to stop being a bunch of ‘weenies’ and ‘grow some oranges’ as China threatens a new Cold War. Senator Kennedy believes that President Trump is the only world leader standing up to China.”

The junior Senator from Louisiana, a staunch supporter of the President, did not hesitate to criticize the lack of common sense of the left continuing, “We have people on Capitol Hill, I’m sad to say, that think cops are guilty until proven innocent.”


Watch Senator Kennedy’s remarks above.

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