In a letter to the American Bar Association, America’s largest lawyers’ group, rated Judge Amy Coney Barrett as “well qualified” to serve on the US Supreme Court in advance of her confirmation process to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Failed presidential candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar ignored Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications and instead, used her time to trash President Trump and to rally Democrats to flood the phone lines and email boxes of Republican Senators with calls to stop her nomination process. As a gift to the Democrat Party, CBS chose to tweet the clip of the unhinged Senator Klobuchar calling Democrats to action.

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CBS News is not, however, reporting about how in 2019, Senator Klobuchar admitted that the Democrats should use the threat of packing the courts as “leverage.”

Last month, Senate Democrats blocked a COVID relief bill—today, Senator Amy Klobuchar ended her opening statement by saying a majority of Americans would prefer that Congress would spend their time working on a relief package instead of confirming a Supreme Court Justice.

Jon Miller blasted Klobuchared for “stupidly saying” they didn’t choose this hearing, as though the Senate Judicial Committee hearings to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett are “some malicious plot by Trump.” Miller ended his tweet by calling Senator Klobuchar an “idiot,” and reminding her that “RGB (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) dying had something to do with it.”

Senator Klobuchar gave an emotional speech about how her husband got COVID (he recovered) and then continued to rant about her 92-year-old father who also got COVID (he also recovered). If we had an honest media, they would have already pointed out that COVID is not necessarily as deadly as the Democrats would like everyone to believe, and use Klobuchar’s 92-year-old father who survived COVID, as an example.

Life News pointed out how Klobuchar blamed President Trump because her father, a nursing home resident, got COVID, but ignored the fact that Democrat governors are the ones who “purposely killed over 50,000 nursing home residents,” when they sent COVID positive patients into nursing homes across America.

Conservative Greg Price blasted Klobuchar for pushing lies that have already been debunked by the media and by fact-checkers.

Even never-Trumper Senator Ben Sasse(R-Neb.) slammed Senator Klobuchar over her embarrassing rant that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Senate Judicial Committee’s duties, which are to evaluate Amy Coney Barrett and her ability to serve as our next Supreme Court Justice.

Amy Klobuchar believes that appointing a woman to the Supreme Court is a step backward for women:

Students For Trump shared a video clip of a compilation of Amy Klobuchar using the same exact line over and over at multiple events and in multiple interviews where she bragged about mocking President Trump for his hair.

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