Fired former FBI Director James Comey just got slammed by Senator Lindsey Graham on Twitter.

It all started when Comey tweeted out a statement insinuating there’s so much more left to be investigated with the Trump collusion scam.: “So many questions.”

He could be referring to the spin that Democrats have already started that claims the scope of the Mueller investigation was limited and that Democrats want to broaden the scope. The truth is they can’t accept the findings that exonerate President Trump.

The tweet back to James Comey is a classic one where Graham tells Comey in a funny way that he will be in the hot seat soon answering questions about his role in the Russian collusion scam.

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It’s called scorched earth:

The one thing that every American should demand is that Comey is called out and punished for his role in all of this. While he let Hillary Clinton skate, he created an attempted coup of a sitting president.

Remember when he admitted he passed copies of his memos of interactions with President Trump to his friend and asked him to pass it on to the media? Unbelievable!
He said he believed this disclosure would force the appointment of a special prosecutor.

“I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor.”

It did…one day later

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