Are Biden voters ready for what’s coming their way? The far-left promised to push for their agenda, and they haven’t wasted any time pushing for it.

Senator Liz Warren is one of the leftists who believe that Americans should pay the student debt of those who have racked up big bucks going to college. What about the college graduates who worked hard and paid off their debt?

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“Biden-Harris can cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt, giving tens of millions of Americans an immediate financial boost and helping to close the racial wealth gap, This is the single most effective executive action available for a massive economic stimulus.”

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The far-left is pushing for all the freebies they can at the expense of their fellow tax-paying Americans.


When you consider the stunning ways students are wasting their student loan money that SHOULD be going towards their education, it’s pretty clear why Bernie Sanders was so wildly popular with college kids. Sadly, there are a large number of students who have bought into the whole “Peter Pan”…and the “I’m never growing up” thing

Remember these clowns who wore signs around their necks bemoaning the amount of money they WILLINGLY borrowed to pay for their education as a reason Americans should vote for Bernie? 

students for bernie

As Washington D.C. liberals continue their fight for ‘free’ college education for all (which, of course, is just a nicer way of saying largely useless community college education crammed down the throats of taxpayers) and student loan forgiveness programs, a new study from LendEDU reveals some of the shocking realities behind where college students are really spending their $1.3 trillion worth of student debt.

Per a survey of 500 college co-eds, LendEDU found that 31% of students, or roughly 2.4 million kids, admitted to using student loan money to fund their binge drinking trips to Cancun and Daytona Beach for spring break.

According to the LendEDU poll, 30.60% of college students with student debt claim that they are using money they received from student loans to help pay for their spring break trip this year. For reference, you can use student loan funding for living expenses.

The National Center for Education Statistics calculated that 20.5 million students will be attending college this year in the United States. Orbitz reported that 55% of students will be going on spring break. Using this data, we can roughly calculate that 11,275,000 students will be going on spring break this year.

Factoring in our data, and assuming the claims made in our survey are accurate, this means that 2.38 million students are using money received from student loans to pay for their spring break excursion this year.

But don’t worry yourselves you silly taxpayers…it’s only $1.3 trillion (and counting) of debt that you’ll soon have to cover.


Adding insult to injury, 24% of students admitted to using their student loan money for alcohol and 7% use those federally-subsidized checks for drugs.

Nearly a quarter (23.80%) of respondents stated that they have used money received from student loans to pay for drinking some type of alcohol. This answer also included spending money at bars.

A third (33.40%) of students answered that they have used money received from student loans to pay for clothing and other accessories.

Similarly, the same amount (33.40%) of students said that they have used money received from student loans to pay for restaurants and take-out.

6.60% of respondents responded saying that they have used money received from student loans to pay for drugs.

Finally, 5.60% of students that participated in our survey stated that they used money received from student loans on gambling or sports betting. 

For entire story: Zero Hedge

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