After the conclusion of the Republican National Convention at the White House, guests began to exit onto the streets. They were met with hundreds of BLM thugs who harassed them and tried to intimidate them. This disgusting behavior was caught on video and is all over social media. BLM and Democrats are creating more Trump votes with every video that shows their side behaving like thugs.

The Democrat DC Mayor still hasn’t put a stop to the constant lawlessness happening in her city, and tonight it was in the spotlight.

Convention guests harassed as they leave the White House:

Rand Paul and his wife Kelley were met with a throng of BLM thugs:

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State Rep. Vernon Jones was also harassed:

One older man was knocked out when the crowd surrounded him. He told them he was just there to watch the fireworks.

Protesters yell at guests in the first video and then a video of Rep. Brian Mast trying to walk through the crowd:


DC Antifa and BLM had been protesting all week and harassing restaurant-goers dining outside. Marching in protest is one thing, but harassing people is another. The DC Mayor needs to get this under control but is following orders from Democrats, so she does nothing to protect the citizens she was elected to protect.

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