On Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) interrogated Dr. Anthony Fauci about his promotion of COVID-19 vaccines, trying to force them onto all Americans regardless of whether they have obtained natural immunity from a previous infection.

At a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing, Paul played a video from 2004 of Fauci confirming that natural immunity has the same effect as a vaccination, and, that having been previously infected with a virus would eliminate the cause to receive an additional vaccine.

In the video clip, Fauci is asked whether someone who got the flu should still go and get the flu shot.

Fauci confidently responded, “Well, no if she got the flu for 14 days she’s as protected as anybody can be, ’cause the best vaccination is to get infected yourself… She definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine.”

“She doesn’t need it because the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself,” Fauci added.

After the video clip ended, Paul addressed Fauci, asking him why he has chosen to ignore natural immunity’s effectiveness in the period of COVID-19.

“We’ve had ever-evolving opinions from you, Dr. Fauci,” Paul said. “Currently, antibody surveys show that 80% of children – approximately 80% of children – have had COVID, and yet there are no guidelines coming from you or anybody in the government to take into account their naturally-acquired immunity.”

Senator Rand Paul

“You seem quite certain of yourself in 2004, but in 2022 there’s a lot less certainty,” the senator continued. “So when we look at this we wonder why you seem to really embrace basic immunology back 2004 and how you, or why you, seem to reject it now.”

Dr. Fauci then responded, struggling to find the right way to defend his choices, and insisting that “a vaccination following infection gives an added, extra boost.” Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci, the left-wing media, politicians, and their followers have consistently tried to shame those who are not vaccinated against COVID, labeling them “anti-vaxxers” and ignorant people.

Fauci then tried to claim that there wasn’t enough “context” given in the 2004 clip, and that the woman who had called in for advice about getting the flu shot had previously had an adverse reaction to one. While this could explain a recommendation against getting another vaccine, this would not explain his avid promotion of the benefits of natural immunity over a vaccination.

“Words don’t lie,” Paul shot back. “When you’re trying to tell us that kids need a third or a fourth vaccine, are you including the variability or the variable of previous infection in the studies? No, you’re not.”

“You can give kids hundreds of jabs and they’ll make antibodies every time, but that does not prove efficacy,” added Paul. “Almost none of your studies, from the CDC or from the government, have the variable of whether or not you’ve been previously infected.”


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