Senator Rand Paul Goes Off on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Refusal to Acknowledge What a Woman Is, Links it to Women in Sports

While many Republican Senators are grilling Biden’s SCOTUS nominee over her leniency towards child pornographers, Senator Rand Paul also wants to bring attention towards another big issue: Men in women’s sports.

From Summit News:

“I mean, what kind of bizarre world are we living in now that the woman of the year is really a man that has had some kind of surgery to remove their secondary sexual characteristics?” Paul questioned.

“That’s the woman of the year we’re supposed to be celebrating?” he continued, adding “What about real women?”

“We’re not going to celebrate real women who are doing amazing in our country in every occupation you can imagine?” the Senator further urged.

“We’re going to let men who now think they’re women get women’s prizes?” he lamented, adding “I mean, that’s just an amazing insult.”

That Jackson could not even define what a woman is, to Paul, indicates that she would not be able to make the right decisions about protecting women’s sports if confirmed.

[Jackson is] “not going to be able to adjudicate any of these things, or perhaps she is telegraphing us that she is going to be able to adjudicate them in such that you can be whatever you feel like you want to be that day, which will lead to a ruination of women’s sports and lead to really chaos in women’s sports and women’s athletics.”

Certainly, there are many serious issues with this nominee, and it is important to bring attention to all of them rather than fixate on one. The issue of women’s sports in particular has become one which demands attention, and as senator Paul notes: ‘if she can’t define women she’s going to be part of the problem.’

You can see his interview with NewsMax below:

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