After classified documents were discovered at President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware and his private office at the University of Pennsylvania, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling for the Department of Justice to go through the papers Biden kept at the University of Delaware while he was a senator.

In 2012, Biden donated his Senatorial papers to the Univesity of Delaware Libary, a collection that filled over 1,850 boxes. These archival records will be available to the public two years after Biden retires from public life.

On Twitter, Cruz questioned the contents of these documents, saying, “How many classified documents are in Joe Biden’s Senate papers at the University of Delaware? It’s time for the DOJ to investigate.”

In an episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the Senator said, “I am right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI, to examine all 1,850 boxes of those Senate records to see how many additional classified documents are in those records.”

“The answer should be none,” Cruz said. “But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason to have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents within those 1,850 boxes of Senate records.”

On Sunday, Cruz appeared on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo” to discuss the recent discovery of classified documents from Biden’s time as Vice President, and further explain his belief that the DOJ needs to investigate Biden’s donated Senatorial records.

Hunter Biden was recently accused of using information from Biden’s classified documents in his foreign business dealings. Because of all the recent discoveries about Biden’s misuse of classified documents, Cruz said, “I believe the natural next step that is necessary is for the FBI to examine the 1,850 plus boxes of documents from Joe Biden’s Senate tenure that’s at the University of Delaware.”

“And I also believe it is critical for the FBI to search Hunter Biden’s home and office residences to make sure there are no classified documents there given all the evidence that’s piling up – we need to ascertain who’s had access to what and when,” Cruz added.

Bartiromo commented that the University of Delaware won’t release the identity of who funded the archival and maintenance of the donated documents. The Fox News host asked Cruz if it was possible that China is behind the funding.

“That’s certainly a reasonable inference,” responded Cruz. “It seems that Joe Biden – certainly went to Penn, Communist China paid millions to fund what he was doing.”



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