Senator Ted Cruz bashed former RINO Speaker John Boehner in an ongoing feud between the two Republicans. Cruz called Boehner’s insults “drunken, bloviated scorn” in a scorching tweet today.

Boehner still holds a huge grudge against Cruz. Listen to the short clip from Boener’s audiobook where he tells Cruz to “go f–k yourself” at the end of the clip:

In the tweet, Senator Cruz responded to a short clip from the “CBS Sunday Morning” interview with John Dickerson that is scheduled to air this weekend. Boehner trashes Cruz in the interview and even calls him a jerk:

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“I don’t beat anybody up; it’s not really my style, except for that jerk. Perfect symbol, you know, of getting elected, making a lot of noise, draw a lot of attention to yourself, raise a lot of money, which means you’re gonna go make more noise, raise more money. It’s really, it’s unfortunate.”

Boehner also slams Rep. Jim Jordan, who is also from Ohio.

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Senator Cruz shared a clip on Twitter with the caption: “The Swamp is unhappy. I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn.”

He added, “Please don’t cry,”  referencing Boehner’s tendency to cry in public during his time in D.C. as Speaker.

The big question is why Boehner is being interviewed in the first place. Why does any Swamp rat resurface? You guessed it! Boehner is hawking his new book.

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