Fox News anchor Martha McCallum recently interviewed Rep. James Clyburn and then immediately interviewed Senator Tim Scott. This is a fantastic way to do things because Senator Scott was able to correct a complete lie that Rep. Clyburn had just told on-air.

McCallum asked Senator Scott if he had heard Representative Clyburn say that Mitch McConnell prevented him from sitting down with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and that it’s all McConnell’s fault.

Senator Scott replied by calling out Rep. Clyburn on his lie:

“Well no, I had multiple conversations with Democrats including those two about what they saw that needed to be changed in the bill, and I offered them, as you just suggested, twenty amendments to do the changing. They still walked away from the opportunity.”

Senator Scott goes on to describe the unwillingness of Democrats to work with Republicans a political move.

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Senator Scott has been doing the hard work to try and get a reform bill done, but he said the Democrats don’t want to work on the small number of disagreements both parties have. The bottom line is that election-year politics has put a freeze on getting anything done in Congress, which in turn hurts the American people.

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