After two days of being criticized by mostly female, (and even some male) members of Congress, over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, Democrat Al Franken just announced he’s resigning from his US Senate seat. Democrat Representative John Conyers met a similar onslaught of criticism from fellow House members earlier in the week, which left him feeling isolated from his own party as he faced multiple allegations of sexual assault, misconduct and even accusations of a veiled death threat by one woman.

After years of looking the other way while numerous women courageously stepped forward to accuse former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault and even rape, Democrats not only looked the other way, they nominated his wife who was accused by the same women of enabling his behavior as their choice for President of The United States.

So why the sudden outrage over Franken and Conyers? Could it have something to do with the upcoming election for Senator in Alabama, where hard-core conservative Republican Judge Roy Moore appears to be ahead in the polls against Democrat candidate Doug Jones, despite being accused by several women of sexual misconduct that took place decades ago? So far, the motives or tactics of almost every one of Moore’s accusers has been called into question. But this is not just any race, it’s a race that the Democrats have dumped millions into, in hopes of taking a Senate seat they would otherwise have no chance of gaining in a deeply red state that overwhelmingly went for Trump in 2016. Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones has never run for political office, opposes tax cuts for the rich and supports an expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. The 63-year-old also is staunchly pro-choice, putting him at odds with embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is staunchly pro-life.

There’s one thing we know about the Democrats…they know how to fight. If the Democrats can make an 11th-hour show of how “moral” they are, because they are suddenly able to rally against sexual predators in leadership roles in their party (even though they spent decades ignoring the Clinton’s, or the biggest elephant in the room) perhaps they can convince voters to support Democrat Doug Moore over the “moral-less” Republican-backed candidate Roy Moore, and gain a Senate seat they could only have dreamed about 6 months ago. The Democrats haven’t won a senate seat in Alabama since 1992.

Let’s face it, Senator Franken resides in a solidly blue state who went for Hillary in 2016. There’s not much likelihood that they’ll elect a Republican to replace him. When it comes to the 88-year old Conyers, he’s not only nearing the end of his career, he’s a representative in Detroit, where it doesn’t matter who runs as long as they have a (D) behind their name. It’s a 100% safe seat.

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So if sacrificing a few members of their own party means gaining a Senate seat, it’s all worth it, right? After all, the media wouldn’t dare call out their allies in the Democrat Party for their decades of hypocrisy, and for their undying support of accused rapist Bill Clinton and his lovely, enabling wife…

Meanwhile, the blue state of Minnesota still loves Al Franken:

Minnesota’s Star Tribune calls Senator Al Franken (D-MN)  “A star in his party”

After eight years in the Senate, Franken had emerged as a powerful voice on progressive causes and forceful critic of the Trump administration, frequently generating national headlines with aggressive questioning of Trump’s Cabinet officers. He was a star attraction for the Democratic Party, raising millions of dollars for candidates around the country and appearing frequently on nationally broadcast talk shows and in other high-profile venues.

Franken’s celebrity preceded his political career. He was hired as a staff writer for “Saturday Night Live” in its first season in 1975 and quickly became a regular on-air performer as well. He served two long stints on the show’s staff, the second ending in 1995. After that, he published several bestselling books of political satire from a liberal point of view and hosted a nationally syndicated radio show for several years.

Franken, who had been a vocal champion of women’s rights and a popular, in-demand spokesman for various progressive causes, found himself caught up in a growing cultural movement around outing bad behavior toward women by men in positions of power. By abandoning Franken along with former U.S. Rep. John Conyers, who resigned earlier this week, Democrats are drawing a distinction between their party and Republicans at a time when President Trump has thrown his full weight behind Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of sexual abuse of underage girls.

A Democratic source told the Star Tribune that Dayton is likely to appoint Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and that she is not expected to run in the special election.

88-year old Representative John Conyers (D-MI) was the longest-serving House Member in US history.


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