Democrat Senator and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to criticize the evil Republican’s plan to replace Obamacare.

While her tweet in and of itself, is just more of what we expect from the Democrats, it’s what’s sitting on a side table next to her coffee maker that has everyone laughing.

If you look closely at the blown up shot of the coffee mug next to the carafe on a side table behind her, you can see the CNN logo proudly displayed on the only coffee cup that appears on the stand. Of course, any sane person who follows the biased and very fake news network CNN shouldn’t be surprised to see their new favorite Democrat sporting their mug in her Senate office. We’d like to offer a special “thank you” and “well done” to @TheALX who, according to his profile, lives in fake Indian Elizabeth WArren’s home state of  Massachusetts.

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Would there be any outrage if Paul Ryan was seen with a Breitbart or Fox News mug sitting prominently on his desk? Our guess is that Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) would have already called for his impeachment.

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