What’s all the fuss about if there’s no there, there? Is anyone else sickened by the left’s efforts to discredit President Trump for months when they knew there was NOTHING THERE!

Feinstein had visited CIA headquarters on Tuesday and was briefed on the investigation but months before this we all knew the truth…It’s just that Feinstein finally admitted it: “Not at this time”


The Democrats owe President Trump the BIGGEST apology!

THE FOLLOWING COMMENT EXPRESSES HOW AMERICA FEELS ABOUT FEINSTEIN AND HER CRONIES: It’s been hundreds of days since the “Russian” smear campaign conducted by MSM, democrat operative morons like Olbermann and late night “comedians”, and Clintons political cronies – and yet still nothing. Nothing. Not a single thing. A few more months and then they will quietly say “case closed” and hope and pray that we all forgot. Sorry but we won’t and we watch you all very differently now, we see right through you. Our patience is just about out and your time handling our power is up.

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Senator Dianne Feinstein is no match for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. In her questioning today she really made a fool of herself when she tossed out a question that made it clear she hadn’t done her homework on Gorsuch. He answered her question by citing numerous specific cases in his legal history.

It’s understandable that the Democrats are trying to play to their base by dragging out the process of asking ridiculous questions of this perfect nominee for the SCOTUS. This is embarrassing and we have two more days of it! It seems this is backfiring on the Democrats…


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