Last week, during a meeting with Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg admitted to bias against conservatives. Zuckerberg also admitted that Facebook fact-checkers are activists. Lila Rose, president of Live Action, revealed details of their conversation on Twitter.

In her tweet, Lila Rose claimed that Mark Zuckerberg admitted that it was wrong to censor her and that there was “clear bias” at Facebook. According to Rose, Zuckerberg also revealed that the “fact-checkers” were activists.

Our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page has also been a victim of Facebook censorship. Almost immediately after President Trump’s inauguration, we lost over 93% of our Facebook traffic. Before Trump’s inauguration, we were reaching tens of millions of Facebook users every week.

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One of the new ways Facebook is keeping content from popular conservative pages like 100 Percent Fed Up, (with almost 1.7 million followers) from appearing in the newsfeed, is to keep hitting them with bogus “false news” and “clickbait” violations.

We’ve taken screenshots of the two most recent bogus “clickbait” violations we received from Facebook. “Clickbait” is a term used to define a headline that causes a viewer to click on an article because a relevant portion of the story has been intentionally left out.

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Here is Facebook’s clickbait definition:

The first headline reads:

VIDEO: Vietnam Vet on Trump…”I think he’s one of the greatest President’s we’ll have.”

The headline tells the reader that during a video interview with a Vietnam Vet, he informed the interviewer that President Trump is the greatest president we’ll have. 

The headline for the article that triggered a second “clickbait” violation reads:

LOL! Sharpton Tweets Condolences For “Legendary” “Cookie” Roberts…Recalls Easter Special They Did Together…Only One Problem…All 3 Photos Show a Different Journalist. 

The headline tells the reader the article is about Al Sharpton, that he referred to the deceased Cokie Roberts as the “Legendary” “Cookie” Roberts, ( we pointed out the misspelling of her Coki’s name), we told the reader that he recalled an Easter Special he did with her and even included 3 photos. The only problem is that the photos were of the wrong journalist. 

It’s pretty clear, we shared every key element of the story in the headline, yet Facebook has identified the headlines in both of these examples as, “clickbait.”

When we asked for Facebook to review their decision as part of an appeal process afforded to Facebook users, we were told that we’ve asked for too many reviews and that violations by Facebook employees would no longer be reviewed.

Finally…a lone Republican U.S. Senator is taking the censorship of conservatives seriously.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is proposing a bill that would remove protections from Facebook and Google that would potentially cost them billions in lost revenue. Hawley is also suggesting to Zuckerberg that Facebook should break up and sell social media platforms, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Hawley told Fox & Friends host Steve Doocey that Zuckerberg told him, “Facebook has struggled with bias.” Howley told Doocey how he challenged  Zuckerberg, saying, “If you’re serious about fixing it, submit to an independent third-party audit, to prove that you’re not biased against conservatives.” Howley told Doocey that Zuckerberg said, “No.”

Senator Hawley revealed that Zuckerberg admitted to him that they’ve “struggled with bias for years.”

The Republican Senator from Missouri explained that he believes if Zuckerberg’s Facebook was audited, “They would find that Facebook is pretty systematically discriminating  against conservatives, and trying to shut down conservative speech.” Howley continued, “Facebook benefits from a huge subsidy from the federal government. They shouldn’t be using that subsidy— that special deal that they get in order to discriminate and censor against conservatives.” Howley continued, I just want them to be neutral. Just be pro- speech. Just let free speech be the norm on their platform. Quit discriminating!”

Doocey clarified the reason Facebook is receiving special privileges from the government that publishers don’t get, “Section 230 gives Facebook immunity, that says they can’t be sued for liable.”

Howley explained why Facebook needs to treated as a publisher, “They’re making editorial decisions, very much like a traditional publisher, everyone knows that.”

He explained the value of the government subsidies these tech giants receive, “That immunity is worth billions of dollars to Facebook and to Google.”

Howley says that his proposed legislation that Senator Cruz is behind would strip social media giants like Facebook and Google of billions in government subsidies if they can’t pass an independent third-party audit.


Last week, The Gateway Pundit, who has also been a victim of censorship by Facebook, published a court document showing Facebook admitting to being a publisher.

Live Action’s Lila Rose nailed it with this tweet, where he reveals the problem is bigger than Facebook censorship of conservatives, saying they lack “transparency and honesty.”

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