WASHINGTON, D.C. – On March 23 Senator John Kennedy (R- La.) directed a call for action at the Biden administration to correct the Asian-American discrimination in Harvard University’s admissions process. Kennedy challenged Biden throughout his speech, giving examples of the administration actively allowing Asian-American prejudice to continue in the world of college admissions.

Challenging Biden’s so-called commitment to fighting racial discrimination, Kennedy pointed to the fact that similar instances of bias have been allowed to continue under the Biden administration. Just last year, the Justice Department found evidence that Yale University denied admission to Asian-American students based on race, and Kennedy pointed out that “only a few weeks after President Biden set up shop in the Oval Office, the Department of Justice withdrew its own lawsuit based on racial discrimination against Yale University”.

Kennedy called on Biden to take his rhetoric and turn it into real, meaningful action by focusing his efforts on supporting a case against Harvard University in an identical instance of racial discrimination against Asian-American applicants.

“there is still hope for justice for our Asian-American students. The Supreme Court may well take up this case, and the White House could defend the cause of merit against Harvard’s alleged racial discrimination.

So let me say this as clearly as I can. If President Biden–if the Biden team is committed to fighting racial discrimination against Asian Americans, if President Biden and his team want to lift up Asian Americans, as they say they do, it is not hard to see how countering racist policies within the privileged halls of Harvard–a school that receives Federal dollars–it is not hard to see how supporting that litigation must be part of President Biden’s commitment. So today, with all the respect I can muster, I am calling on President Biden and his Justice Department to support the Asian-American students who have brought their case against Harvard.”

Having campaigned on racial equality, it remains to be seen whether the Biden administration will take action to end discrimination among Asian-American applicants. Amid a lot of talk and condemnation of the actions of others, there has been little real initiative taken on the part of the President.

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