During a roundtable in Raleigh, N.C. today, Senator Kamala Harris said that “we have to reimagine public safety” and lower police presence. This is the liberal logic that is being taken nationwide with the “Defund the Police” movement. Senator Harris wants fewer police officers in all areas just, like in “upper-middle-class neighborhoods.” Does she not understand why there are fewer police officers in those neighborhoods?

“I say, look, I know having worked inside the system, we have to reimagine public safety and how we do public safety in our country. Because, here’s the thing, you go into any upper-middle-class suburb in America, you will not see the kind of police presence you see in other communities.”

A recent Gallup Poll reported that 81% of the black community polled would like to retain a police presence.

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Who doesn’t understand that there is more of a police presence in areas where there is more crime? What community would ask for less police protecting them?


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