It’s no secret that Senator Kamala Harris has been unbelievably nasty during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

During the four days of testimony, Harris has used every opportunity to ask rude and bizarre questions. Her rudeness began when she interrupted Senator Grassley’s opening remarks (see below) on the first day of hearings to call for them to be delayed. She’s embarrassed herself numerous times like when she questioned Kavanaugh on Mueller before discovering that the judge worked with Mueller.

The snarky and hateful attitude exposes Harris as a bitter grandstander who’s trying to compete with Senator Cory Booker for biggest drama queen!

Harris went low again when she mocked Judge Kavanaugh for carrying a copy of the U.S. Constitution as “that book that you carry”:

“To make clear what we’re talking about, it means rights that are protected by the Constitution even if they are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, so they are not in that book that you carry.

And this woman is bring considered as a potential 2020 presidential candidate?


Grandstanding to try and stop Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation was the order obviously given to key Democrats who know that there is nothing they can do to stop this new conservative judge from being on the Supreme Court. They must have gotten together to make the plan to go ballistic when Grassley began to speak. The grandstanders are the usual suspects who always try to get their mugs on the evening news…Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and a few others rudely called for an end to the hearing…

Who does Kamala Harris think she is? She’s out of order and should have been tossed from the hearing. This turned out to be coordinated effort to stop the hearings.


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