Leave it to Liz Warren to pander to just about every group EXCEPT legal American citizens! She uses the term “comprehensive immigration reform” to describe what she plans to do to help “Dreamers” which is code for AMNESTY FOR ALL. She conflates Democrats,  American values and illegals breaking the law…Nice try Liz

Warren goes on to pander to Muslims…

The funniest part of her speech is when she equates the border wall with a “stain”. How is it that Liz always makes things sound kind of gross in a childish way. Remember when she kept saying the word “Nasty” when referring to women who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016? It was hysterical when Warren said it over and over during a speech on the stump with Hillary…”I am a NASTY WOMAN!”…LOL! WELL, OK…

Liz Warren appeared with Hillary Clinton today and delivered a man-hating rant like no other. She was spewing so much hate towards Trump but missed any substance in policy issues. She did parrot the free college mantra and gave a shocked comment on how she couldn’t believe people have to pay for an education. Can you say she’s way out of touch? Yikes!

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