Senator Rand Paul was on Meet The Press and argued in support of President Trump’s withdrawal of troops in Syria. He’s well worth listening to on the topic because he knows the relationships between all of the factions in Turkey and Syria.

Chuck Todd asked Senator Paul if he is concerned that “this decision was too hasty and it sort of created a more chaotic situation than necessary?”

Senator Paul responded:

 Well, I think one of the things about the Arab militias that Turkey is using that your reporter reported on, it’s interesting that some are from the Free Syrian Army, which was our ally for seven years, which just shows how messy this is. Turkey is an ally, the Free Syrian Army was an ally for seven years, and the Kurds have been allies in Syria, so it’s a very complicated, messy situation.

But I think a lot of people are not acknowledging that Turkey was coming in one way or another and 50 soldiers would simply be in the way, and be a tripwire to a much worse outcome.

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And so I think the president was right in moving 50 soldiers out of the way of an onslaught of tens of thousands of Turkish troops.

Senator Paul goes on to describe the relationship between the Kurds and the Turkish army.

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“Congress should vote to go to war.” – Senator Rand Paul

Remember that President Trump doesn’t take his decisions concerning our military lightly:

“The hardest thing I have to do— by far—much harder than the witch hunt even—is signing letters to parents of soldiers who’ve been killed,” Trump said. “Sometimes I call the parents, sometimes I see them,” an emotional Trump told the media.

Watch his emotional speech, explaining why he’s tired of our troops being killed overseas as they police the Middle East.

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