“Biden once again has failed us, he’s embarrassed us internationally…it is time for him to leave.”

Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a doctor and former White House physician says Bidens is “not cognitively prepared to be our president.”

Mr. Jackson believes the failure in Afghanistan is related to Biden’s failing cognitive ability and says he has created a “national security disaster for this country.” He says it’s time to move on, stating, “Somebody else needs to do this job, he is not fit to be our Commander in Chief,” adding, “It’s time for him to resign.”

When asked about Kamala taking over, Mr. Jackson says, “She’s not a better alternative than Biden but at least she’ll be somebody who’s gonna be held accountable.”

It is the Congressman’s belief that Biden has gotten away with so much because people have cut him slack due to his cognitive issues and because he’s older. He says “We need somebody that’s gonna stand up and take responsibility for what’s going on. He hasn’t done that, I doubt she (Kamala) will ultimately do that…but it’s time for him to go.”

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“I think he’ll resign or I think his own party will remove him via the 25th Amendment.”

“There’s too much liability with this man, they can’t cover for him anymore.”

Jackson says the mainstream media is not covering for Biden on the debacle in Afghanistan now either, “…They’ve given him talk-cover for 6-months on every single bad decision he’s made, but they’re not doing it on this.”

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“When he gets up in front of the camera he is an absolute embarrassment.” 

Americans have to be asking themselves if we will ever turn the page on this dark chapter in American life. Swapping Joe out for Kamala isn’t promising to be a positive change, but at least Americans are opening their eyes to the truth.

By 2022, Republicans will be in a position to cut off the head of the Democrat serpent, and America will be behind them having gone through Hell and back.

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