Senator Ted Cruz went at it with reporters today when they tried their best to keep him from explaining to the cameras why this impeachment trial should be all about the Biden corruption. Notice how the reporters repeatedly try and stop Cruz from talking about the Bidens.

Cruz begins: “We have heard just the beginning of the serious evidence of corruption involving Burisma, the Ukrainian Natural Gas Company, that paid Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, a million dollars a year.”  

A reporter interrupts Cruz, and then Cruz continues describing the Biden corruption until another reporter interrupts Cruz again.

Cruz pivots to say he doesn’t know what’s in Bolton’s book, but “at the end of the day, it doesn’t impact the legal issue before this Senate.”

Cruz is interrupted AGAIN and then says the president had an “obligation to investigate” the corruption.

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A reporter then asks, “shouldn’t half of your children be in prison” if Hunter Biden getting a job because of his dad is a crime.

Cruz says, “Stop playing the nasty Washington game.”

He goes on to say that the “most important witness” to hear from is Hunter Biden.

Cruz is asked why Bolton shouldn’t testify and says he doesn’t believe the testimony is necessary and that the House Managers haven’t proven there were high crimes and misdemeanors.

He points out that the “shadow on the presidency” is the fact that the president didn’t get to tell his side in the sham impeachment.

Republicans are coming out swinging today and not backing down from the manufactured “bombshell” from John Bolton’s book.


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