Obama opened the floodgates for thousands upon thousands of illegals to cross our border so now we have to succumb to their obnoxious push to remain in the US because THEY CHOSE to break the law by crossing our border? Nawwwww…this is NOT the way this should work. We think it’s way past time to send these people BACK to wherever they came from. WE did not separate their families…THEY DID THAT! It is NOT our responsibility to give them amnesty just because THEY demand it…Please call on President Trump to do the right thing and SEND THEM BACK!

Illegal immigrant “Dreamers” tried to disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on Thursday, saying they wanted to draw attention to their plight as Congress debates whether to grant them full legal status.

Several protesters tried to stage a demonstration by rushing out into the street and sitting down in the middle of the parade route as a band marched by. The protesters wore red T-shirts and chanted “Undocumented, unafraid,” which has become a motto of the illegal immigrant community demanding an amnesty.
Police quickly pulled them to their feet and pushed them to the side of the route, with the disruption lasting just a few seconds.

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The protesters, organized by the Seed Project, said the country depends on Dreamers, calling themselves “the backbones of our schools, industries and communities.”
“We are your classmates, your coworkers, and your neighbors,” Hector-Jario Martinez, one of the protesters, said in a statement released after the demonstrations.

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THE GROUP’S PRESS RELEASE: Please note that these criminals are NOT “immigrants” and were NOT forced to be separate from their families by us. They are welcome to go back to where they came from and live with their family. They don’t get to “demand” anything…they are NOT citizens of this country. Never forget that it was Obama and Jeh Johnson who are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of illegal youth who were free to break our laws by crossing our border.

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