U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Christopher Wray, FBI Director, about the investigation of the D.C. Pipe bomber who set two bombs on Jan. 5. Two pipe bombs were found— one at the DNC Headquarters, and one at the RNC Headquarters on Jan. 6. Both pipe bombs were safely diffused.

Jordan’s letter to Wray stated that he had received a “whistleblower disclosure from a senior FBI special agent concerning the investigation into the pipe bombs.” . . . “According to the special agent, on Feb. 7, 2022, – over a year after the placement of the bombs – the FBI’s Washington Field Office asked (other) field offices requested that they “canvass all confidential human sources nationwide for information about the individual and the crime.”

In addition, Jordan stated that the FBI had not been forthcoming to other questions by Rep. Bill Posey questions, posed on September 2021, about security concerns for congressional offices and homes. Jordan finished his letter to Wray by asking that the FBI address Posey’s concerns via a briefing to the J6 Committee.

It is beyond clear by now that the FBI is a partisan tool employed by the Deep State to target and take down its many opponents. In today’s America, they remind you that you are NOT free to disagree. This is NOT our Constitutional Republic, and it is horribly apparent. The public frustration and anger builds around the tepid responses like penned letters to the Junta, albeit Jim Jordan is one of the few who will do even that. We understand that it will take an election – AN HONEST ELECTION – to turn the tide and right the ship of state. This letter simply gives another look into the rot in the Swamp and reminds us of how far we have been taken down, in such a short time.

When you read this, please realize that if we cannot secure the ballot in Nov. 2022, we will have lost our country. Get out in your communities and help ascertain the honesty of your voter rolls, organize precinct workers, request legislation to eliminate mail-in voting, drop boxes and same-day registrations, to name but a few tools of the steal. It is up to us. Complacency kills countries, and it has darned near taken ours out.

By Kat Stansell

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